Quaker Square

Quaker Square

135 South Broadway
Akron, OH, 44325

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Explore where historic architecture and modern day living meet at Quaker Square, the original home of Quaker Oats! Originally the Ferdinand Schumacher Milling Company, the Quaker Oats Company became the first company to register a cereal trademark and the first to nationally advertise food. Schumacher is credited with introducing oatmeal to America on a large scale by supplying it to Union troops during the Civil War.

This history displays itself most prominently with the original silos from the Quaker Oats Company standing tall at Quaker Square in downtown Akron. These silos have transformed from their original purpose of holding oat, into lodging for The University of Akron. Shops, catering, and more are available within the Quaker Square complex. 

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