Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation

Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation

4524 E. 49th St.
Cuyahoga Heights, OH, 44125

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Located on 325 acres in Cleveland's industrial heart, through the villages of Cuyahoga Heights and Valley View,  the Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation offers unique opportunities for discovery. Tucked amid the Shortline railroad trestle, pipelines and steel mills are the lush fields and forests of the river valley. The reservation follows a portion of its namesake, the historic 309-mile Ohio & Erie Canal. Together with the Cuyahoga River, the northernmost remaining 4.4 miles of watered canal provides wildlife management areas, fishing opportunities and scenic beauty. Picnicking, hiking trails and a 7.2-mile Towpath Trail links the reservation with the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Indoor exhibits and interpretive programming at the Leonard Krieger CanalWay Center explore the complicated relationships between people, industry and nature. The trails around the center are paved for easy access. The center also features a multi-purpose room available for public functions and EarthWords, a nature shop of Cleveland Metroparks. 

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