Trailheads provide entrances to the Towpath Trail. There are 48 trailheads along the Towpath’s 87 miles. All but one (Portage Path Trailhead in Summit County) provide parking, making for easy access to the trail. Parking is free and the number of spaces varies per site, ranging from a handful to 100-plus.

The following National Park parking areas are open 24 hours:

  • Rockside Station
  • Canal Visitor Center
  • Frazee House
  • Station Road Bridge
  • Red Lock
  • Boston Store
  • Lock 29
  • Hunt Farm
  • Indigo Lake
  • Ira Trailhead
  • Botzum

Note: Deep Lock Quarry is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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